Dharmendra Rai is Mumbai's First Mind Map trainer and has also been blazoned a "Genius" by Tony Buzan - Mind Map Inventor & Nobel Peace Prize Nominee. He has conducted over 120 such seminars for Executives of Many Fortune 500 and Alumni of World's Best colleges. He is an amazing luminary and so is his career profile.
Dharmendra Rai Mind Map Trainer
Nimisha Verma is a 19 year old artist who left her home along with her elder brother after her parents decided not to accept their kids' career choices. Since then, she has set out to be an inspiration for the whole world chiefly youngsters. She is the mastermind behind the project 'Home for Artists' that provides accommodation to the homeless artists who yearn to make a name for themselves through their talent.
Nimisha Verma Home For Artists
A Colonel by profession but a Sand Artist by passion; Ronnie Chhibber is the mastermind behind 'Whispering Sand'. He is the only sand animator in the world who can perform blindfolded and holds the patent right from the Government of India for the same. He is a true manifestation of creative power.
Ronnie Chhibber Mind Map Trainer
Yogesh Shinde is a protean; Agile Consultant and coach over 13 years of IT Experience, Certified Scrum Professional, Certified Scrum Master, Certified Product Owner, Proficient in creating teams and the list goes endless.
Yogesh Shinde Bamboo India
What sets Alex Mathew unrepeated from others is the fact that he is a drag performer. Better known as Maya, The Drag Queen, this man is breaking all the stereotypes against the drag community and following his heart.
Alex Mathew Mind Map Trainer Wearing so many caps at a time, Manish K Tyaagi is a formidable Stand up Comedian; a Corporate Trainer by profession and was a Commander of Indian Navy till 2012. He started following his passion: Comedy two years ago and set the stage on fire with his comic flair. He is a wizard in his forte.
Manish K Tyagi Stand up Comedian
Onkar Kishan Khullar, popularly called Digital Gandhi, is a Cause Artist: using his creative skills for the good of the world. He dropped out thrice from the college to follow his passion. He is an author, blogger, social entrepreneur, storyteller, philosopher, artist, scientist, brand creator all at the same time.
Onkar Khullar Social Entrepreneur, Artist
Ananth Kumar is a social activist and trustee of “Divya Deepa Charitable Trust”. His brainchild “Kaliyuva Mane” is a school meant for underprivileged children in Mysore.An Engineer by qualification, Ananth has worked for 10 years in different organization before finding his calling. Driven by a strong desire to serve ,he is helping some of the less fortunate realize their dreams, one at a time.
Ananth Kumar Kaliyuva Mane
A 23 year old entrepreneur, storyteller, aspiring writer, Harisankar is the founding father of Beatmap and co-owns it with Kommune which is a platform for performing arts. Also, through Beatmap, he attempts to connect artists with places interested in hosting cultural events in the city.
Hari Sankar Beatmap
Asees Kaur is a supreme playback singer from Haryana who started singing at a nonage of 5. A participant of Indian Idol 6, her songs 'Bolna' and 'Bandeya' from were crowd pullers. She is a true filip for the youngsters.
Asees Kaur Singer
There are often kids who appear to be young, but actually aren't. They've the brightest minds; and Akshat Tyagi is one of those minds. He is a sixteen year old entrepreneur and author from Delhi. His book 'Naked Emperor of Education: A product review of the education system' is the first Indian student voice against the current regime of compulsory schooling.
Akshat Tyagi Author
A Corporate Trainer by profession, he has an excellent hold over language and anything and everything logical. In nustsell, he is a package of high dexterity.
Amit Hans Corporate Trainer
Shivani Tanksale is a Mumbai based Bollywood actress who has worked in several movies and advertisements. Her performances in each and every role has been laudable. Her skills are a reflection of her propensity.
Shivani Tanksale Actress
He is a lawyer by profession, but a traveller at heart. This man has covered almost 5000 kms in the country by foot and that too without money. More than 550 days have been spent on road by him. Isn't he a superhero?
Ravinder Singh Traveller
Diwakar Vaish ,24, is an Indian robotics researcher and inventor based in New Delhi. He developed India’s first 3D printed humanoid robot “Manav” followed by a brain controlled production wheelchair “Samarth”. He currently heads a Robotics Training Institute “A-SET”.
Diwakar Vaish Head at A-SET